Where To Get a Vasectomy: Answered

Planning a family is an important part of life. It helps to have a small family that is easily manageable with all children receiving quality care and a good education. However, the responsibility to limit the family is not for the wife alone. You would have to think about it and do accordingly if you are a young, virile male living with a healthy partner. Abstinence is not always possible with temporary measures of contraception not being perfect all the time. One of the best ways to put an end to the fear of further extending your family is to contemplate a more permanent solution. Yes! The surgical intervention of obtaining a vasectomy is endorsed by multiple medical professionals but you would be able to opt for a less invasive procedure too. 

Do not worry endlessly about where to get a vasectomy either. You are free to consult with a reputed medical practitioner or a surgeon of good standing. Remember that it is a minor surgery that you can undertake in a clinic or the doctor’s office as well. Sure, huge medical facilities such as a well-equipped hospital provide the same service as well. Feel free to choose according to your comfort level and affordability. You will be elated to learn that vasectomy is not an expensive procedure and you can get it done by paying less than $1000. 

You have to be aware of the procedure before you go in for it. It was done in a well-equipped surgery earlier but now you can undergo it without being admitted into a facility. Sure, the surgeon performing it will be well versed in the technique and a total pro.  You will be eager to learn more about the process that will help you to understand how you will fail to impregnate your partner in the future despite leading a normal life. 

The Procedure

Frequently referred to as keyhole surgery, this type of vasectomy requires no incision and suturing afterward. This has almost all male patients excited and eager to go through this process rather than do it traditionally. 

  • The purpose is the same as other contraception measures. A blockage is created in the vas deferens to prevent sperms from reaching the semen.  
  • The professional will snip off a small part from the vas deferens and cauterize the ends or tie it off so that there is no clear passage left. 
  • The surgeon will reach the concerned site through a small puncture instead of doing an incision.
  • A few doctors take additional precautions and will sew the remaining connective tissue carefully, completely negating the chance of slippage of any sperm. However, this has not proved to be effective in preventing failures so your surgeon would most probably just allow the vas to slip into the scrotum once the procedure is done. 

Be sure to ask your family physician or any medical professional, where to get a vasectomy. You will be directed to the nearest facility immediately. The no-scalpel type of vasectomy has gained unprecedented popularity among men today. They are more willing to take the responsibility of planning a family as the process is over in 30 minutes.