Where and How to Start Your CFD Trading Journey in Thailand

The financial services industry in Thailand has seen explosive growth in recent years. It is now the fifth largest economy in the world. The government is closely watching this growth to make sure that it does not undermine its poor reputation as a global financial regulator. If you look close, there are already signs that Thailand’s vibrant financial services sector might be posing a strain on the country’s growing middle class. An increasing number of Thais are looking to establish their own businesses rather than depend on their parents or other relatives to provide them with a steady job and good pay. This article will outline what CFD trading is, how to start trading in Thailand and some of the best online CFD brokerages for Thai traders.

But First…The Basics

CFD trading is a method of trading that involves the use of complex financial instruments such as futures, forwards, swaps and options. What the term ‘ CFD’ actually refers to is the complex and highly regulated activities that are involved in the trading of financial assets such as Forex, Options, CFDs and other derivatives. There are many online brokerages that offer CFD trading and options for Thai investors. Because of this, it is best to choose an online brokerage that offers a variety of products to meet your trading needs.

How to Trade in Thailand

Trading in Thailand is similar to trading in most other developed countries. You will need to be aware of some of the unique features of this market, such as the fact that government bonds are a major source of funding for infrastructure projects. Despite the fact that many people would consider this to be a ‘risky’ investment, Thai government bond markets are active and provide lucrative trading opportunities.

Find Yourself a Reliable CFD Trading Provider in Thailand

Because so many people are interested in trading in Thailand, it is hard to pick just one broker to represent the industry. That said, here are some of the best online brokers for Thai traders.

ThaiForex – Owned by the same family that owns BKK Financial Group, ThaiForex is one of the oldest online brokerage firms in the country. They have been serving the online trading community in Thailand for over 2 decades. 

Shanghai United – Like Thai Forex, Shanghai United is also a century-old brokerage with a long history in the country. They were the first online brokerage to offer digital trading and currently serve over 80 million customers in more than 60 countries.

Cotissimo – Another leading online brokerage, Fortissimo has been around since 1999. They currently have over 350 offices across 60+ countries and offer trading platforms in more than 20 languages.

FPMarkets – One of the most reputable and expansive forex and CFD trading brokers in the world. If you are looking work with a professional and highly skilled CFD trading provider in Thailand, you can’t go wrong with FPMarkets.

It is easy to forget when thinking about Thailand that it is still a developing country. Despite having grown significantly in recent years, the financial services sector in the country is relatively young and has done very little to affect the country’s growth in a negative way. As is the case in many other developing countries, people in Thailand have been able to benefit greatly from the country’s booming economy. Unfortunately, the country’s growing reliance on financial services has also meant that the sector has done little to nothing to protect its relatively poor reputation as a global financial regulator. That said, things are about to start to change in Thailand. With the adoption of new accounting norms and a long-overdue ‘re-badging’ exercise, the financial services industry in the country is about to go from strength to strength.