The Role and Responsibilities of Property Management Companies Southern California 

Have you been managing your rental property by yourself? If yes, you might not be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a property management company. They do take charge of managing your property. But you need to know all that it entails and also the procedures. The objective of joining hands with a property management company is to have some free time and feel confident that your manager will manage the property well. The majority of them manage all things from tenant selection to the maintenance repairs.

Duties of property management companies Southern California

Before you join hands with any service provider, you must know all that they do and how they manage the tenant disputes and rent collection. This article will let you know about the primary duties of the property management companies Southern California and their operating techniques. 

Leasing and marketing

When you appoint the property management company, they need to provide an initial walkthrough video of a house that comprises of the suggestions of things to update and repair. All these suggestions will enhance your house, get in better tenants, and minimize the odds for a long vacancy. It can also comprise the much-required repairs to get the home in a move-in ready state and adhere to rules like required door locks and smoke alarms. Also, the property manager will be accountable for marketing your house. It comprises of videos, images, showings and website postings. It’s their responsibility to market your home correctly. 

Screening and choosing tenants

The property managers are accountable for screening the probable tenants. It means, they will run a contact rental reference, credit checks, opt-in for a background check and so on. It will let them have access to the best tenants. There are a few organizations who will select the ones who qualified first. Others will choose the best qualified ones from several applicants. 

The expert property management companies will come with a written rental criteria list which outlines all that they consider when choosing a tenant. Writing this document is essential, as it enables the owner, tenants, and you to check why they got selected. It further brings down the scopes of Fair Housing violation if a property manager can point to the published criteria explaining the denial. 

Accounting and rent collection

They will further collect the rents from tenants. Most organizations will have a particular property accountant fixed for this role. They are accountable for ensuring that all have paid and can enforce the late fees for the ones who don’t. If a tenant neglects or refuses to pay the rent, the company will be accountable for initiating an eviction process. There will be a lawyer to help them execute this process. 

Furthermore, the property management companies Southern California will take care of other duties as well. At the time of the tenancy, property managers can also be accountable for implementing the lease and remedy the disputes. It can comprise of repairing the damages caused by the tenants, remedying the HOA violations and also execute regular walk throughs to make sure that tenants are keeping their house sanitary and cleaning.