Sharon Deflorio On Why Investment in Your Health and Happiness are The Best in Life 

When you take responsibility for your health, you guarantee happiness for life and can keep several illnesses at bay. The road to good health is not difficult, and some simple lifestyle habits like daily exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep, and rest go a long way in keeping diseases away and enhancing the quality of your life. 

Sharon Deflorio- get success in life with good physical and mental health 

Sharon Deflorio from Norwalk, CT, is an esteemed specialist in the field of business development known for her outstanding track record for generating lead conversions and establishing a solid rapport with business clients. She has fantastic leadership skills and is known for her creativity, alertness, and ability to adapt to industry demands. 

Previously, she worked as an Executive Compensation Analyst with Xerox and was an integral part of its team that looked after compensation and the equity of senior-level executives. Before joining Xerox, she was employed as a Senior Corporate Paralegal with Terex Corporation, where she provided corporate governance and insight to over 100 global and domestic subsidiaries. In the past, she also worked as a corporate paralegal in New York City with Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal. 

Work on your physical and mental health 

According to her, mental and physical health is crucial for a happy life. Life is stressful, and people are racing against time to achieve their dreams. While pursuing their goals, they forget about their well-being and start to neglect their health by eating junk food and turning to substance or alcohol abuse to combat stress and other unhealthy habits. They do not stop until they realize it is too late; however, the damage to their health is already done here, and they need to live with illness or disease forever. 

For your physical health, you can exercise, join a gym or enjoy a sport that you like, for instance, she is fond of tennis, cycling, swimming and enjoys taking part in half-marathons. The critical factor here is you must get active and moving. Even taking a walk or running in the neighborhood helps you a lot to stay fit and keep illnesses at bay. 

Get rid of unhealthy patterns in life

It is possible to get rid of unhealthy patterns in life; however, to do so, you need discipline. You should control the urges to eat fast food and drink alcohol or beverages like coke, with high sugar content. Smoking harms your health, and when you cannot control the habit, you end up getting addicted to it, causing severe damage to your respiratory system. 

According to Sharon Deflorioovereating junk food with excess sodium and oil takes a toll on your body, and it is here that you need to have the discipline to quit and turn to healthier options like fresh vegetables and fruits. You must stay hydrated and replace soda, caffeine, and alcohol with plain water and fresh fruit juices for a healthy body.