Robert Turner Sheds Light on the Beneficial Aspects of Physical Abuse counseling 

A lot of physical assault survivors tend to bottle their emotions up. They often struggle with feelings of numbness, high anxiety, fears of intimacy with a current partner, misguided emotion of shame and more. While it is challenging to face internal emotions, talking to a therapist or counselor like Robert Turner can certainly help. Many counselors suggest techniques like writing in a journal, meditating, creating a piece of art and more. Even having a judgmental free discussion can be helpful in enabling a physical assault survivor to get into a better mindset. 

A lot of physical abuse survivors face problems in validating and expressing their emotions and thoughts. Going for physical abuse counseling can significantly aid them in correcting their course. Talking to a counselor often assists the survivors to validate their emotions and increase their confidence level.  A lot of physical abuse survivors experience a sense of peace and liberation after going for counseling. While talking about the traumatic experience can indeed be painful and challenging, experiencing the pent-up emotions can also be freeing. 

A lot of physical assault survivors also attend group therapy sessions where they get to realize that they are not alone in facing certain emotions, thoughts and experiences.  There are also others dealing with similar experiences. Group therapy sessions are often helpful in managing the sense of shame, guilt, fear and other negative emotions linked with physical abuse. Sharing their own story and listening to others can help people in their healing process.  Witnessing other survivors overcome similar trauma and challenges can be pretty empowering and give a new sense of hope to a person. 

Physical abuse survivors, at times, feel responsible for their abuse. By hearing to the experience of other survivors, they can recognize the fact that abuse can actually happen to any person. What has happened with the victim is the reflection of the abuser and not theirs.  For some, going for a family therapy can also be a good idea as it would aid them with matters associated with family and their support.  Family therapy also aid in managing the manner assault impacts the ability of the victim to connect with others.

The overall mental health implications of physical assault can run deep. It influences the way survivors sees others and their own self. A lot of survivors develop defense mechanisms that might be helpful during the period of abuse, but can cause major hindrances in the process of trying to foster happy and healthy relationships. While some survivors of physical abuse can become too guarded, there also are some others who vulnerable to unhealthy or abusive relationships even in the future. Talking with an experienced counselor like Robert Turner can help them gain a greater sense of self-awareness, as well as allow the survivors to recognize how specific behaviors and thoughts could be influencing their current mood and relationships.