Learning About Car Rental In Singapore

When renting a car overseas, there are a number of less considered restrictions or criteria that will pop up. This is no different if you are intending to rent a car in Singapore for your trip. Singapore has its own set of driving practices, regulations and rules. Prior to renting a car here, it is important that you be aware of these practices and be confident to adhere to them.

In this article, we will be covering the most important details that you should be aware of as a potential car renter in Singapore.

Singapore’s Driving System

Depending upon which country you find yourself in the globe, cars would possibly be steered on the right or left side of the road. This directly decides which side the vehicle driver’s seat is on and therefore the hand in which you will be changing gears with. For drivers who are not accustomed to both systems, driving with the alternate system can be disorienting at the beginning.

We suggest that if you are not comfortable with an alternative system that you spend time acquainting yourself at the rental area. Several car rental service Singapore business employees will help orientate you to the car and ensure that you are skilled driving it.

Other than the side of road that drivers are on, Singapore has strict car speeding regulations. Many roads have speed cameras that will catch speeding offenders. As such, we strongly recommend that you stick well within the speed limits in Singapore.

Another regulation that applies is the need to pay road tolls at ERPs. With a cash card and wireless system, payment for road usage is seamless but can catch the unknowing tourist off guard. A good practice then is always to have buffer funds in your cash card and have it ready to be used at all times.

Singapore’s Driving Age

In general, you should check the legal driving age in overseas countries before you make the trip. Not all countries have the exact same legal driving age as your homeland, and therefore would leave you with a terrible shock when trying to rent. It is advised that you consult car rental operators in the nation beforehand on your eligibility. Should you be taking a trip in a group and mean to switch vehicle drivers, then do find out whether the rest of your team is also eligible to drive the leased car.

In Singapore, the legal driving age is 18 years old. As such, if you are below this age, rental companies may not rent their cars to you. Similar to the law in the previous section, Singapore has a strict outlook on the legal driving age. If caught, you may be penalised heavily by the law.