How To Use Contemporary Fireplace Screens? 

A fireplace adds a touch of tradition to your home. Besides, you can always relax in front of a blazing fire in the thick of winter and feel comforted as the warmth engulfs you. Sure, times have changed with many modern methods of heating becoming popular today. However, many are strangely reluctant to give up the age-old tradition of using a fireplace in their living areas. You would have to think of safety and minimize the risks of fire that can prove to be lethal. Installation of one of the best contemporary fireplace screens can help you to meet your objective effectively. The product will not be too pricey. It is definite to be a good addition to your home making you pleased with the outcome. 

It would certainly not do to make a whimsical decision though. Sure, a modern home deserves a befitting fireplace screen. It is best to opt for a design that is eye-catching but not at the cost of its functions. It is always advisable to be aware of the facts before shopping for a quality screen that shields your fireplace successfully. 

Purpose of a fireplace screen

Preventing Sparks Flying Around – You cannot control the raging fire in the hearth when you set the wooden logs or other combustible material alight. Having a sturdy screen right in front can go a long way in stopping the sparks that tend to fly across the room. You can thus sit comfortably and bask in the warmth that spreads joy and cheer all over. You would be further pleased to find the screen acting as a shield against your young children and boisterous pets who are drawn by the light and sound of fire. The mesh in the screen keeps them away forcing them to observe from a safe distance. 

Aesthetic Appeal– Such a screen also adds to the aesthetics of your interior. Many traditional homes that have been upgraded and transformed into modern homes may have done away with the age-old system of burning wood but the fireplace remains as it is. It enhances the aesthetic appeal when a beautiful fireplace screen is used as a decorative piece. 

Dual Function– The top favorites at the moment are screens that ensure safety and doubles up as a decorative item at the same time. From rustic to contemporary, you will find a huge collection of fireplace screens available for installation. 

Is a fireplace screen a necessity?

You may be an old hand at stoking fires and having the fireplace ready to be used. However, you will not find the task easy without a protective mesh in the front. The screen not only shields the fireplace effectively, separating the occupied parts of the home from the blazing fire but it is also convenient for you to leave the room with no one left to supervise the fire. 

Contemporary fireplace screens are not meant exclusively for wood-burning fires though. It is equally effective for gas fireplaces too.