Dealing With Singapore PR Application Rejections

Imagine that you have spent the past decade in Singapore, working and creating a home for your family. Finally, you are ready to applying for permanent resident status in order to enjoy the many resident benefits. Over this time, you have accumulated an immaculate portfolio, including good education records, employment history, clean finances and constant involvement in the community. As such you would naturally be confident of having a successful Singapore PR application.

However, out of nowhere, you receive a rejection from the authorities. Why did this occur and what should you do now? If this scenario is applicable to you, then you too would be confronted by these questions. In this article, to grant greater clarity to the issue, we have set out to look at common rejection reasons as well as possible actions to take.

Usual Application Errors

Even the most qualified of candidates can be rejected during the application due to mistakes in the paperwork. It is thus vital that you be aware of the possible errors that could be made and make sure that you avoid them. Here are the 7 most usual blunders in PR applications:

  • Punctuation mistakes and misunderstood questions
  • Differences in details that you have written in your application compared to the requested documents
  • Neglecting to send the required records in accordance with the standards. For instance, not sending both the original and translated copies of your birth certificate.
  • Choosing incorrect answers when you do not completely comprehend the questions posed
  • Online sessions that expire when you take too much time to decipher the questions

In addition to these usual mistakes, it is additionally worth noting that the demand for online appointments far goes beyond the supply. This makes securing an appointment a time consuming and irritating process.

What Occurs if you are Turned down.

If your application has been denied, do not be too discouraged. You could choose to immediately appeal against the verdict or decide to await 6 months prior to reapplying for Singapore PR. More significantly, you can likewise utilize this period to examine the advantages or weaknesses of your application. Based upon the weaknesses in your case, actions can be taken on your part to aid close them and make certain that your next application would stand a much better opportunity of being approved.

Get Professional Assistance

If your application ahs been rejected before, then a good idea would be to engage professional help to see a significant improvement on your next attempt. This can be done by engaging a professional Singapore PR application agency to analyse your application and advise on the changes to be made. Their services include finding weaknesses in your case and ensuring that you complete the application without errors made.