Choose & find the right dog groomer

Grooming not only removes unwanted hair from your pet’s coat but dirt too. The coat can also be clipped as required. Ensuring your dog¿s coat is kept in good shape is important for his/her health insurance and welfare.

A puppy groomer’s responsibility
A puppy groomer is in charge of meeting your pet’s needs whilst in their care under the pet Welfare Act 2006.

However, there have been recent cases that have highlighted the necessity for owners to believe particularly carefully whenever choosing a groomer. Dogs have suffered severe burns or even fatalities in grooming establishments when equipment has been faulty or where animals have been left unsupervised whilst being dried.

Discovering the right groomer for you
Even though the grooming industry is unregulated at the moment, there are a number of things that you can consider whenever choosing a reputable groomer, which can only help you to definitely be confident that they can meet your pet¿s needs.

Have a good speak to the Dog Grooming and a good look around the premises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Making sure your pet is happy
Last but not least, think carefully- if you opt to use a professional groomer, make sure that your dog is pleased to be groomed. Socialization is important, as is the utilization of reward-based training solutions to gradually habituate your pet to any grooming equipment/products and the surroundings as a whole.

Patience is key to so that it is a satisfying experience and it is essential that dogs visit your groomer as soon as they are simply fully vaccinated so they learn that it’s a fun spot to visit.

Don’t force your dog to be groomed if he/she will not enjoy it. If you’re having difficulty, you could also ask your vet to refer you to a suitably qualified animal behaviourist. They’ll check your pet over first to make certain there are no underlying injuries or illnesses.