Which Is the Best Face Lift?

Your facial skin and that of your neck are sure to lack luster and become dull as you advance in years. The signs of aging may become prominent even before you turn 50. There is no reason to accept it as your fate, however. You may try to restore the youthful look by contemplating the best face lift.  Well, there are multiple options available at the moment. Unfortunately, the non-invasive methods may only offer a temporary solution. A surgical intervention provides long-lasting results that you can depend upon for the next 10 to 15 years. Sure, you have to consult an experienced surgeon reputed for doing cosmetic procedures. It is interesting to note that rhytidectomy or surgical facelift is a skin rejuvenation procedure. You will be able to address all signs of aging evident on the face and neck and lighten them effectively as well as tighten the skin making your face contours sharp and the skin smooth and free of blemishes. 

Types of Facelifting techniques to consider

You do not have to be acquainted with medical terms to decide on a facelift. The medical professional will be able to decide on the best type of facelift suited to your purpose. You may have to undergo any of the following procedures to meet your objectives:

  • Traditional facelift– The skin over the entire face and neck is addressed here with effective tightening and reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation removed. 
  • Mid Facelift– All problem points below the cheeks will be treated by the professional as per your requirement. 
  • Lower Facelift– You will have your jawline restored as well as the neck tissues rejuvenated. Oftentimes, the area below the chin is treated to eliminate sagging skin 
  • Mini Facelift– This is a minimally invasive procedure and is suited for young individuals with not too many aging signs. People working in the beauty or entertainment industry may feel the need for this particular procedure. 

Benefits of Facelift

Multiple aging signs are addressed simultaneously including tightening of sagging skin, removal of laugh lines, elimination of creases beginning from the side of your nose to the mouth, and reducing jowl / double chin. 

Even distribution of facial fat to improve the overall appearance

Both the jawline and neck tissue will be addressed to re-contour the face making it sharper ad more defined. 

Little Known associated Facts

  • Men can opt for facelifts too. Recent statistics reveal that almost 10% of all facelift patients are men. Individuals with no serious ailments can choose to undergo the procedure and obtain the same benefits regardless of their gender. 
  • There are no specific age restrictions for having a facelift. While middle-aged individuals and senior citizens find it most advantageous, young people who have recently lost or gained weight may choose to improve their appearance by lifting their face too. 

Everyone is in search for the best face lift. It is important to understand the most effective facelift depends on multiple factors. A single type of facelift is not going to work for all patients.